Bike safety tips for kids and teens

CHOC safety experts discuss the importance of helmets, bike-friendly clothing, hand signals and rules of the road.

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COVID-19 vaccines for children under 5: What parents need to know

A CHOC pediatric expert answers parents’ commonly asked questions about kids under 5 and the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Fourth of July fireworks safety tips for families

If lighting home fireworks is legal where you live, consider these safety tips to prevent injuries and keep your family safe.

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CHOC answers your questions about donating blood

Experts explain who can donate blood, what to expect at your blood donation, what types of blood are needed and more.

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Lunchbox tips, activity ideas and recipes for school-age kids

Some school-aged kids may have trouble eating their lunches while at school. A dietitian offers packing tips, meal ideas and more.

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