How to recognize stroke symptoms in children

Stokes in children may often go unrecognized. A CHOC neurologist explains the B.E. F.A.S.T method for spotting stroke signs.

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Mealtime tips, activities and recipe ideas for preschool-aged children

A CHOC clinical dietitian offers tips, recipes and activity ideas to foster healthy eating habits in sometimes-picky preschool-aged children.

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Young adult cancer support makes all the difference: Lauren’s story

For Lauren, CHOC’s Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Treatment Program offered mental health support, friendships and a future.

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How to prevent your babies from choking on finger foods

CHOC experts offer advice to parents for preventing choking hazards when their babies start self-feeding with finger foods.

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Why are youths resorting to substance and drug use? 

With a rise of substance use among youths, a CHOC experts explains to parents why teens are turning to substances and drugs, and how to help.

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Mapping out success: Lucas’ journey at the Thompson Autism Center

With help from CHOC, Lucas’ family has learned successful treatment strategies for disruptive behaviors caused by autism spectrum disorder.

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